Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I Start?
  • Speak with an advisor in the Undergrad Office to determine if you have a room in your BCom program, to receive transfer credit for coursework completed while on an approved exchange.
  • Where can I go?
  • Check out the Alberta School of Business website for approved business destinations. Destinations You can find additional destinations on the Education Abroad website.
  • What are the transfer credits?
  • Transfer credits are approved university credits earned outside of your BCom program at the Alberta School of Business. This includes all credits from your prerequisite year(s) or approved credits from academic institutions outside of the University of Alberta
  • How Will exchange affect my GPA?
  • While on exchange, courses are transferred back to the School of Business either as a pass or fail. This means that you are either granted or denied the credit you requested. Therefore, the grades you receive while on exchange will not affect your GPA. However, if you are applying for medical, law, or other professional programs, they may ask to see your transcript from exchange.
  • How do I apply?
  • Follow these step by step procedures through the Alberta School of Business.
  • How early should I start applying?
  • There are a select number of spots available for each destination each year. The Alberta School of Business website is often updated with how many spots have been filled for each destination. We recommend that the earliest you start applying is one year before you would like to participate on exchange. (Ex. Plan to participate Winter 2016, start applying by January of 2015.
  • When are application deadlines?
  • The deadline for most Fall and Summer exchanges through the School of Business is March 15th and Winter exchanges is October 15th. Some destinations have earlier deadlines and some destination spots fill up well before the deadline. Please refer to this and select the specific destination of your choice for further information. The deadline for most exchanges through Education Abroad is January 31 for the following Summer, Fall and Winter semesters. Please refer to their website for more information.Deadlines
  • Can I graduate on exchange?
  • YES! In order to ensure that you may participate on exchange for the last semester of your program, it is important that you speak with an advisor in the Undergraduate Office as early as possible. There is a certain percentage or your degree and your major that must be completed at the University of Alberta, an advisor will outline which courses you must complete at the School of Business before participating on exchange in your last semester.
  • Do I have to extend my degree to go on exchange?
  • Depending on how many transfer credits you have available in your BCom, you may not need to extend your degree. Speak with and advisor to find out how many transfer credits you have available.
  • Can I do co-op and exchange?
  • It is possible to participate in co-op and exchange; again, this depends on the amount of transfer credit you have available in your degree. The co-op office and an advisor from the Undergraduate office will help you map out your degree and let you know if you have room for both in your BCom program. There have been many exchange participants in the past who have participated in the co-op.
  • How much will it cost?
  • The cost of exchange will greatly depend on the destination and the amount of money you choose to spend on extra activities (ie., travelling, entertainment, etc.)
    Please refer to the following link for a breakdown of costs: Outgoing Costs
  • Is there any funding available?
  • There is a lot of funding available!
    The BEA offers our Travel Award Program (TAP), which aims to give $1000 to students participating on exchange. The School of Business Education Abroad Office of the Registrar and Student Awards