Our Awesome Team

Chris Chen – President

Chris is finishing up his degree with a SMO major and Marketing minor. His favourite travel destination so far is Europe, but thought Japan was pretty lit too. He joined the BEA because his cousin told him it was the best club in business (he was right)! Next, Chris is hoping to travel to New Zealand, because he loves hiking and who doesn’t want to go to New Zealand? Chris can be reached at cschen@ualberta.ca.

Simon Grigenas – VP External 

Simon is from London, Ontario and came to the Alberta School of Business to study Finance and international business. He joined the BEA because of the amazing people on the team, and the opportunities to make international connections and travel the world. Next he hopes to go to Bogota, Colombia to visit all of the amazing landmarks, beaches and museums! He loves sports, especially basketball and soccer, and in his spare time DJs various genres of music. Simon can be reached at grigenas@ualberta.ca

Renee Anielski – VP Marketing

In her 2nd year in the School of Business, Renee is pursuing a degree in Marketing to achieve her goal of one day working as a consultant. She has a love for traveling and hopes to encourage students through the BEA to pursue their travel goals and go abroad! She thinks that the BEA is a fantastic place to make connections and help both local and domestic students realize the opportunities created by travelling. Renee’s next travel destination is hoped to be New Zealand and she is looking forward to applying to go on exchange in her last semester to Vienna! Renee can be contacted at: ranielsk@ualberta.ca

Sharon Huang – VP Finance  

Sharon is from right here in Edmonton AB, and is pursuing a degree with a major in Finance and a minor in Psychology. Her favourite travel destination so far is Los Angeles. She joined the BEA be surrounded by people who share a passion for travel, and to inspire others to explore and find new adventures. Next, she wants to visit Morocco or India, to explore the art and the rich art and cultures, to scout for treasures in the street markets, and most importantly, to try new food! Other than travelling, she enjoys yoga, fashion, and dance. Sharon can be contacted at: szhuang@ualberta.ca

Paige Hodgins – VP Academic

Paige is an international business major and a Business Economics and Law minor from Davidson, Saskatchewan. She has always loved travelling and working with people who come from different backgrounds, cultures and places. Being on the BEA Paige has had the opportunity to connect with so many international students and promote the awesome benefits of going on exchange! Her next travel destination will be to France to attend EDHEC Business School in Lille this winter semester! She hopes to travel to most of Europe while abroad, starting with Germany! Paige can be contacted at: phodgins@ualberta.ca

Victoria Currah – VP Events (Fall)

Victoria is an Accounting Major and an international business minor. Her favourite travel destination so far is London, England. Victoria chose to join the BEA to get involved in the School of Business and learn more about going on exchange! Next semester she is off to Copenhagen on spending a semester abroad. She always knew she wanted to go on an exchange, and Copenhagen sounded like such an amazing place, she just had to apply! Victoria can be contacted at: currah@ualberta.ca

Thomas Perl – Marketing Director

Thomas is a Marketing major with a Finance minor. His favorite travel destination so far is South Africa. He joined the BEA because he loves sharing his experiences from travelling with other people and is looking forward to going on an exchange at some point. Next, he is looking to go to Chile, because he has always wanted to drive from Edmonton to Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America in one big road trip. Thomas can be contacted at: perl@ualberta.ca

Emma Wolodko – Marketing Director

Get pumped.

Josh Yip – Academic Director

Josh was born in Denver, Colorado and lived in Calgary, Alberta before attending the University of Alberta. He is in his first year of the business program studying towards an Accounting major and a Marketing minor. Josh joined the BEA to promote the fantastic exchange opportunities offered while connecting with international students. His favorite place to travel so far is Gimmelwald, Switzerland and hopes to go back to the country in the future for more amazing experiences. Josh can be reached at jyip@ualberta.ca.

Brianna Rosychuk – Academic Director

Brianna’s favorite travel destination so far has been Barcelona for its beautiful mixture of history, modern lifestyle, and beaches, as well as its multiculturalism. Since she loves to travel, she wanted to be in a club with people who have similar values and thus the BEA became a perfect fit! She’s looking to graduate with a BUEC & BLAW major in the School of Business.

Alison Cox – External Director

Alison has a major in Finance and a minor in Retail and Services. Her favorite travel destination so far has been South Africa. She was drawn to the BEA because it creates a way to make connections with people from all over the world by ensuring they enjoy their time in Edmonton so that she is able to enjoy her time abroad, as well. She thinks it is cool that the club connects business students here to business students from all over the world. She hopes her next travels take her to India because it would be a crazy culture shock, unlike anything she has ever experienced or been exposed to before. She hopes to go on exchange next year and is excited to be a part of the team! Alison can be contacted at: 780-991-6484 or alcox@ualberta.ca

Rahman Amlani – External Director

Rahman is in his first year of business with a major in Finance and a minor in Business Economics and Law. His favourite travel destination so far is Spain. Rahman joined the BEA to be more involved and to be in a club with people who all share a love for travelling. He hopes his travels will soon take him to Japan to experience a new culture. Rahman can be contacted at: amlani@ualberta.ca

Saskia Yumna – Events Director

Saskia is in her third year as an Accounting Major at the University of Alberta. She was born in Lhokseumawe, Indonesia and raised in Al Khor, Qatar. Being an international student, she resonated with the BEA’s purpose. Saskia wanted to help enhance the experience for exchange students coming into Canada and make them feel welcome, as she felt coming here. Her next travel destination is Indonesia because she has not done a lot to discover her ethnic roots yet, besides what my parents taught her. She hopes to go on a month-long backpacking trip around the country. Saskia enjoy s learning about everyone’s unique stories and backgrounds so feel free to shoot her a message to chat over coffee! Saskia can be reached at: syumna@ualberta.ca

Sam Tewitz – Events Director

Sam is a Human Resources major, and comes from Edmonton. Her favorite travel destination so far is Vienna in Austria. She visited the city for three days last June and loved the mix of culture and music. The city is large but not overcrowded and has a beautiful countryside only a train ride away. She visited the Business school while she was there and plans to go on an exchange there in 2018. She has travelled all her life and wants to continue doing so. For her, it only seemed appropriate to join a club that helps other students have a good experience while on their travels. Sam can be contacted at: satewitz@ualberta.ca

Julia Kwan – Finance Director

Julia is in her first year in the School of Business and is looking to graduate with a major in Accounting. She joined the BEA to get involved and get inspired to travel! Her favourite travel destination so far has been Italy. She hopes to go on exchange in Europe before the end of her degree. On her bucket list is hiking the swiss alps and visiting the blue lagoon in Iceland. Julia can be contacted at: jhkwan@ualberta.ca

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